Botox®Acne Scar Therapy

Acne Scars There are a variety of acne scar treatments available that can assist in the removal of these problematic blemishes on the skin.  Acne scar procedures powered by modern medical technology can eliminate most types of acne scarring.
Acne Scar Procedures Include:
Before seeking treatment for acne scars, having reasonable expectations of what is possible through treatment is always important.  Treatment can result in an improved skin surface, skin quality and significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin however.  There are a variety of available treatment procedures and some work best for certain skin types over others. 

  • Dermabrasion involves the use of exfoliating medical tools which literally discard the outer layers of the skin, which provokes the growth of new skin cells.
  • Manual Dermasanding involves the use of silicone carbide sandpaper to abrade the outer layers of skin where acne scarring has occurred. 
  • Laser skin resurfacing for acne scars uses a high-energy beam of light which promotes new skin growth as the epidermis and superficial dermis are abraded.  The depth of treatment is greater while recovery time is longer when compared to other acne removal procedures.
  • Subcision acne scar treatment utilizes a needle that is inserted just below the scar itself.  The needle is manipulated beneath the skin to free up the scar tissue and allow for scar-free healing to occur with stubborn “ice pick” acne scars.
  • Punch excision and grafting involves the use of a small, round, surgical tool that removes the scar from the skin.  Once the scar is removed, the edges are stitched together and following the procedure, a tiny scar may occur.  This scar can be treated in a number of ways however, to make it less visible.
  • Chemical peels have also been utilized in diminishing acne scars.  Patients have experienced significant improvement with these deep penetrating peels which promote the growth of new skin and thus slough off older skin cells and blemishes.
Deep acne scarring may require a varied line of attack to improve acne scars.  Cosmetic dermatologists will inquire about patient medical history on the first visit to get an idea of what treatment option is best.  Any medical conditions, drug allergies, previous surgeries as well as any medications used will need to be divulged to make sure that the cosmetic dermatologist can recommend the most viable treatment option
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