women hormone replacement therapy

We offer the newest Anti-Aging treatment that you have been hearing about…such as Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women and Men! .

What is Anti-Aging?

Bioidentical Hormones

If a person wants to start taking bio-identical hormones is it a personal choice. One way to know is to have a saliva test administered which will let you know fast if your sex hormoe levels are low. Any signs of menopause or andropause (for men) might mean arranging an appointment with a doctor.

An advantage of the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is they are specifically made for each person. As soon as you know you have a low sex hormone level , the doctor can write out a prescription for you and you ar n your way to replenishing your hormnes to a natural state.

Testosterone Replacement

Based on two new research studies, testosterone replacement therapy in older men minimizes the chance of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and helps them in other areas.

Women produce testosterone amounts of 20-30 times less than men. Although, there is a notable difference in production, testosterone can be just as necessary for women as it is for men. The ovaries and the adrenal glands make 50% of women’s testosterone; the other 50% comes from “steroid hormone conversion", such as DHEA, to testosterone. Testosterone levels dereaseas one ages, normally starting around 40 years of age in women.

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