Botox®Hair Regeneration

Hair Regeneration helps to treat symptoms related to premature balding or excessive hair loss. There are a variety of reasons for premature balding or hair loss and some cases are due to a disorder that is called androgenetic alopecia which affects both men and women. Form men, the term male pattern baldness is widely used yet there is much to learn about hair loss to this day and current research is expanding on what the medical world understands about hair loss.

Most humans will typically lose about 100 hairs per day on average but these hairs will actually re-grow over time. When hair loss occurs at a faster rate than the re-growth cycle of hair, then balding or patchy spots can begin to develop. Once hair loss begins, many patients can seek help with hair regeneration treatments that may be able to increase hair growth rates in contrast to hair loss rates or help to create fuller hair by cosmetic means.

To create a look of fuller hair, hair may be retrieved from regions of the head where hair continues to grow, like the back of the head. This hair can thus help to replenish hair in the balding areas and the regenerated hair appears like the hair on the donor area and will continue to grow. Hair regeneration on the side or the back of the scalp is what can help to replace hair that has been lost for whatever reason on other parts of the scalp. Hair transplantation can result in hair that successfully continues to grow over time.

Hair transplants are considered the best way to see lasting results over time for both men and women who suffer from hair loss. Patients may try other measures prior to hair transplants, and there are a number of other treatment measures associated with getting hair growth back on track. Some include medicinal treatments or hormone therapies. For many patients, the most satisfactory results involve some form of transplantation. Speaking with a cosmetic specialist in this area is important to understand which treatment options are best. .

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