Botox®Photodynamic Therapy

Thanks to photodynamic therapy, sun damage is now reversible. Photodynamic therapy, also known as PDT, offers treatment for tired sun damaged skin with sun spots, age spots and uneven skin tone. Photodynamic therapy revitalizes the skin leaving patients with smooth and radiant skin. Photodynamic therapy can also eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with minimal healing time required which means patients can resume all their normal activities right after treatment.

Photodynamic Therapy Procedure

Photodynamic therapy involves the use of light technology which is used to treat a number of skin disorders, from certain forms of acne to aging and sun damaged skin. It is considered a highly effective and minimally invasive treatment option for large pores, pigmentation or uneven skin tones, rosacea, among others. The intense pulsed light or photodynamic therapy procedure utilizes a variety of light wavelengths and colors within each pulse of light treating the skin. Photodynamic therapy offers a precise energy output which treats the skin on the targeted area to the extent necessary, producing results based on a controlled application of light. In some cases, a photosensitizing agent may be used and activated by the lights used to assist with the removal of skin cells that are damages.

Photodynamic therapy is non-ablative and the dermis layer of skin which lies beneath the epidermis may be treated with no damage to the epidermis. Due to this minimally invasive process and the effective results, photodynamic therapy of various kinds are widely used for skin care purposes, as well as for the removal of precancerous sun damaged skin. Due to the controlled benefits however, more than one treatment may be necessary for the patient to attain the desired results. Despite this, many find that the more gradual process means shorter healing times and the ability to get back to everyday activities quickly. Many patients as well as skin care professionals are discovering the many benefits of treating damaged skin more gradually with the latest light medical technology.

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