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"My experience at Thrive has been great! The staff is professional and courteous and I've referred several friends. Tattoo removal is not easy or quick and the staff was very upfront about the procedure and the after care. I visited several other facilities before selecting Thrive, as I had confidence in their experience and equipment."

Julie G.


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To Dr. Maddox and Staff -


I want to thank you so much for the caring, professional treatment you have given me at Thrive. As you know I had gone through surgical menopause several years ago while in my 30's and came to Thrive looking for a natural hormonal replacement therapy.


Since using the prescribed Progesterone cream and having estrogen and testosterone pellets implanted I have been given my life back. I feel even better than my pre-hysterectomy days. I'm 40 but feel 30. I've gained energy, lost weight and my emotions are balanced.


After my hormones became balanced I became interested in my appearance again which led me to try Lipo Dissolve on my lower abdomen. I've had two treatments so far and am very pleased with the results.


I am so grateful to have found all of you at Thrive. As I step into my 40's - - I feel GREAT!!


Thanks again,



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I love THRIVE. Everyone that works there is friendly, helpful and kind; and it's kind of a one-stop anti- aging center. Dr. Maddox is very knowledgeable and always takes the time to answer my questions and explain complex issues like nutrition and hormone replacement. I feel I can trust him to offer advice and help me make important decisions to improve my health and slow or reverse the aging process.

Ann B.


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My experience with Lipo-Dissolve at Thrive was incredible! Joey and Dr. Maddox create a warm and comforting environment and are always available to answer questions before, during, and after the process. My confidence, strength, stamina, and activity levels have all increased because of my results with Lipo-Dissolve. My social interactions with others have improved because I feel better about my body image. It also provides you a wonderful motivation to obtain an entire new wardrobe to match your new found looks and confidence.

Stacey M.


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"The staff is very friendly and helpful. Their professionalism is impressive and they respond quickly to customer's needs. The Dr. is very knowledgeable, personable, and was flexible with my treatment. Overall Thrive is a positive experience."

Brent F.


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After undergoing a full hysterectomy two and a half years ago, I became extremely depressed. My thinking became cloudy, I gained weight, and I had a hard time dealing with the stress of life.


I tried many things to alleviate my symptoms including traditional HRT, counseling, homeopathy, and anti-depressants. Nothing seemed to work. I was feeling very discouraged, when I read a book about some of the new advances in anti-aging medicine. I search on line and found THRIVE!


Dr. Maddox did an extensive line of testing, and found I was deficient in many hormones. Since beginning the therapy prescribed by Dr. Maddox, I have been thinking much clearer. I am dealing with things much more positively ad I am not so overly emotional. My hot flashes are much less severe. I have a better sense of wellbeing. I have even been able to stop taking the anti-depressants for over six months, and I feel much better that I did when I was taking them.


I am grateful for Thrive and Dr. Maddox who took the time to test and see exactly what I needed for my body, and I would highly recommend Thrive to anyone who is struggling the way I was.


Laura F.


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Thank you Dr. Maddox and the wonderful staff at Thrive for making a difference in my health. I am very happy with the complete testing and treatment. I appreciate being treated as a person rather than just another patient. Our bodies are all so amazingly different thus we all need individual care and treatment.

Stacy M.


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I have always made it a practice, when I find someone that is going beyond what is necessary and giving service above the norm, to take a minute and express my appreciation.


Dr. Maddox and the staff at THRIVE are those who fall in that category.


I have not been a patient with them for a long time, but I know that I will be. In the length of time that I have been under their care I have found them to be very attentive to my needs and genuinely concerned for my well being.


I appreciate that I'm always meet with a smile upon reception, and I have never felt rushed during appointments. I've always felt like they are there for me and they will do whatever it takes. To the extent that I have had my calls returned long after office hours, to get me the information I need.


I have also been equally impressed with their products and services; and I look forward to a long and active life as a result their benefits.


In these days of sub par service and apathy, it is refreshing to meet people who are willing to do that little extra to set themselves apart.


Thanks again for all you've done


Greg J.


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The lipo-dissolve treatments markedly reduced my left breast which was oversized compared to my right breast. As a male, this was an embarrassment to me so I am very pleased with the more symmetrical look.



Scott K.


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